Today in the city Hobson City 20.06.2018
3 Outdoor Dining Experiences In New York City

Enjoy omakase, burgers or creative cocktails at any of these three New York City dining locations that offer unique seating for the warm seasons.

City Announces Implementation of Technology to Fight Crime

Baltimore police say the city is implementing a new technology that is a series of audio sensors deployed atop light posts and buildings to help fight crime.

Audible Makes Minetta Lane Theatre Its Creative Home For Live Productions In New York City

Audible Inc., the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks and other spoken-word entertainment, has made the Minetta Lane Theatre in New York’s Greenwich Village its creative hom...

Bike theft puts the brakes on China's Mobike in Mexico City

Mobike entered the Latin American market in Mexico City this year drawn by its millions of potential clients.

The Winning Cities In Information-Age America

Economic developers dream of attracting the types of companies that employ hordes of high-paid programmers and creative workers, but more U.S. cities have lost information jobs over the past five year...

The 50 least environmentally friendly cities in the US

How "green" is your city? WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities in the US across 22 "green" indicators to determine which cities are doing the best job saving the planet — and which cities c...

The Philippines Is Building A $14 Billion 'Pollution-Free' City That Will Be Larger Than Manhattan

Manila, the capital of The Philippines has the honor of having the "worst traffic on Earth" and dense smog. The Philippines has a plan to combat Manila's dire situation with a pollution free city larg...

Hamburg becomes 1st German city to impose limited diesel ban

Drivers of older diesel-powered trucks are now prohibited from using two road sections in Hamburg, the first German city to implement such a ban.

How The Growth Of New Cities Is Becoming A Global Economic Driver

Over 100 new cities are popping up all around Asia and Africa, amounting to trillions--yes, trillions--of dollars of investment. But what exactly is a new city?

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